Image of woman with app iconsIs your business ready for one?

The market research company App Annie reported users spent 900 billion hours using apps in 2016. That’s up from 150 billion in 2015. But what does that mean to your business? How can you benefit?

  1. Set yourself apart. By interacting with your customers frequently, a business builds brand and recognition. Not every business has an app and being on someone’s mobile phone is an excellent piece of business real estate.

2. Create mobile selling. Do you have an online shop? If you connect it to your business app, users will always be presented with the latest products you have to offer.

3. Push coupons to customers.

Image with a circle with a woman in it

4. Build customer loyalty with points for purchase or check-in via a digital customer loyalty card.

5. Engage customers with push notifications (flash sales, new products, contests, giveaways, changes of venue during an event, updated media content).

6. Create a community with a common interest who interact with your business.

7. Monetize your app with ads. Or put your own ads on an app (yours or someone else’s) for promotion.


If you are looking to spend less money on traditional advertising and even advertising, an app may be for you. Or maybe you have an idea for an app. If you would like to see where an app can take you and your business, get in contact with me now!

Is it time to put your business on the map?