LIGHTSTORMS UNLIMITED was not a planned endeavor. It started as a favor to a friend: make a web-site for her business.

Why not? Sounded like fun.

I had no sooner finished the site when another friend asked for a web-site. Then a client of a friend. A singer followed. And an artist. A writer. An architect.

All talented, creative people who simply didn’t have the time/energy/interest/expertise in creating a web-site (or a new web-site) from scratch. People who had valuable gifts to share with the world.

People who needed to BE SEEN in the biggest way possible.

Then I started teaching WordPress… and found even more people trying to connect with the world, all ready to create web-sites to show who they were and what they were capable of.

Do people see you? Do they know how fabulous you are?

Photo of Jen OrtizWill you let me show them?

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